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Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves
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8 September 2008

Editor's review

The sheer attraction of mystery and adventure games tend draw a huge following amongst kids who like explore exciting worlds. While some adventure games are large and elaborate, there does exist, a niche for small yet interesting games that feature a more arcade style game play and yet provide the ecosystem of an enchanting world. Now if you or your kids are looking to dwell into a world of fantasy then Rainbow Web for Mac 1.1 game may just be what you are looking at. The game boasts of an interesting storyline and has clear paths for a player to follow.

Rainbow Web game on launch displays colorful graphics and the overall ambience is likely to captivate your mind. The plot of the game is very simple and essentially relates to fantasy world called Rainbow Kingdom. The mystery land is filled beautiful forests, stone structures and sublime lake and other water bodies. However the land is infested with a large spider which incidentally happens to be a wizard with evil intentions and has apparently cast a malicious spell over the sweet world. Quite expectedly the inhabitants of the place are in search of a hero and player is expected to fill in the shoes. Key objectives in the game, includes inducing sunlight into the magical world and allowing the rainbow to come up in all its glory. Boasting of a great arcade style dynamics and fast movements, the game surely comes across as a winner. It is important to note that this game as it name suggests is for Mac based systems.

Owing to its bright graphics and interesting game-play Rainbow Web for Mac 1.1 game earns a stellar score of four and half points. In case you happen own a Mac, we suggest that you explore this exhilarating game.

Publisher's description

In the heart of a wonderland, surrounded by crystal clear lakes, mighty stone, and age-old forests there existed the Rainbow Kingdom.
But as it usually happens in all fairy tales, there appears someone, who is not pleased when things go right. In Rainbow Web this is Spider, a wicked and mighty wizard. It casts a spell on the land and all fairy tail creatures and spins a web around.
The poor Rainbow citizens are waiting for a hero who can remove the spell and bring peace to their kingdom.
That hero is you, and you must free letters from the magic web to restore the real names of the magic scenery. Once all the names are restored, the kingdom will be back to sunlight and rainbows will color the sky.
Come through 60 levels to break the spell and return the Rainbow Kingdom to sunshine!
Rainbow Web
Rainbow Web
Version 1.1
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